How Using EVP Recruitment Can Save You Money

Have you ever hired a mis-fit or a non-performer?

If so, you'll appreciate the negative cost impact that employee made in your business.

If you ended up having to hire a lawyer, you'll especially understand what it could cost your business by hiring the wrong person.

Time is money

Recruitment is what we live, eat and breathe - it's what we love doing.

However, it's probably not what you love doing!

If you're an HR professional, the chances are high there are other things you prefer doing rather than trawling through applicants' CVs, weeding out the wheat from the chaff. Instead, you'd probably rather spend your time on things in your company where you can make a meaningful contribution - perhaps in strategy or benefits or health and safety.

If you're wasting your time answering the same candidate question over and over and over and ...... then you're wasting money because you're not making the meaningful contribution you really want to do.

Think about it: every time you let us help you with your recruitment needs it means you can stay focussed on doing what you really want to do (which probably isn't reading unsuitable CVs from people who respond to your advertisements!)

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