Fun workplaces equal happy employees and increased productivity

As workplaces fill with younger generations, business owners and managers are finding it hard to retain quality Gen Yer’s; who have become known as ‘flighty’ employees commonly changing jobs every three years.

Some organisations have found the answer. TradeMe, Facebook and Google are some of the ‘outside of the square’ thinkers, creating more fun and interactive workplaces to increase productivity and employee retention.

According to the New Zealand Herald, TradeMe has invested in employees by purchasing a slide, space invader machines, scooters, foosball table and a pool table. Google has sleep pods, cocoon-like work pods, pool tables, table tennis tables and guitars.

Before you know it businesses across New Zealand will follow suit, adopting the new ‘fun workplace’ movement to keep employees happy, increase productivity and prevent quality staff from moving on to competitors who boast better working conditions.

Not all organisations can afford to have a slide, pool table and scooters like TradeMe but, in saying this, can these organisations afford to lose quality employees in a time where New Zealand is facing a skills shortage?

Small gestures go a long way. Invest in a fruit bowl, a round of drinks at the end of a working week or, if you will, a ping pong table. Keep your employees happy to increase your success.

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